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On the great side of the toilet

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nous avons eu notre prom por el bachillerato:


hef and her quasi elder sister


tout le mondeImage


The beautiful people, the beautiful people
it’s all relative to the size of your steeple

Marilyn Manson


Ali mit den Adleraugen, Hef and Uli-masterchief



lisa and captain knutsch


mucha policía


Chop Suey. Hef’s second dog, Uli bought as a comapanion for Franzi.

race: shit-zu from China



We went to Paris in February

Cité Universitaire


was a hard night at the airport – fluc


Bonjour Paris.

best movie:

jardin de luxembourg

our host Ihsen

our street 🙂


second day in paris, still/again a bit tired

Vorglühn at montmartre with Ihsen

after vorglühn

Australian bar in Paris with Ihsen-super-dancer

le ministre

le magnifique ministre

the type of guy who thinks that we all think him to be the  “french Johnny Depp”

The French/Afghan Adnan

alias, the real french Johnny Depp

we sold chinese chopsticks for little fortune

typical parisian place

new host – new paris

we moved into the quartier latin to stay with Tim from Amsterdam

we met kitty,daisy&lewis


ra-ra-rasputin 🙂



centre pompidou

Tom’s garden


from paris we went to straßbourg to meet our class


after two weeks in France, Lisa needed to rest


In thé sap with Hefners uncle karl


À bientôt


summer’s still not over

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we found a new cupboard

Cesky Krumlov – Disco Exil – Lipno – Modrin:

Christoph’s birthday

Oma Frieda’s new home

family excursion to italy

and then, one day, school began…

Pizza Capricciosa




I don’t want anything more
Than to see your face when you open the door
You’ll make me beans on toast and a nice cup of tea
And we’ll get a Chinese and watch TV
Tomorrow we’ll take the dog for a walk
And in the afternoon then maybe we’ll talk
I’ll be exhausted so I’ll probably sleep
And we’ll get a Chinese and watch TV


Hefner and Joe-Seph visited Marco and Lisa in Wels.
Ellu and Hef got some Cuba souvenirs from Marco.


post ohne namen

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…what happened last time: we went to Istanbul

… And we could’nt leave it anymore, that’s why we spent a very creepy night at his place:

till we found a bus to cappadocia

Somewhere near Ankara

Touristic cappadocia tour, with millions of possibilities to buy “handmade” souvenirs

4000 year old stone-city

The biggest Valley, next to the Grand Canyon

the 15th floor under the earth

the tourguide 🙂

turkish barbecue

letschad-days at the campsite


cooking with sunset view

Hefner went hiking with Ogün in the penis-valley:

Back in Istanbul in Omers and Lulus flat

The view from our balcony

On the way back to Austria with the israeli/german music-duo

Bockhorn – Atatürk, Atatürk – Bockhorn….+ Lurchi

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We worked really hard this summer to finance our holidays.
Hefner had very exhausting, but very kuhl job in the fluc 🙂 and lisa had a few jobs, one more exciting than the other…

But after she realised that Hefs work was the most comfortable place, she just stayed there as a team-motivator 🙂

Loona and Adam had a french Au-Pair this summer.

We took Juliette around the city and gave her some cultural shocks :): Schnitzel with sausage, ham, gherkins and minced meat!!

Joe moved out of his beautiful flat you can see a little bit in the back. After we lived with him one month he decided that Vienna is too crowded and went back to Hagenberg.

rainy day…

after night shift at zhé donau

Rushan, Sri lankas best barkeeper!


chéz Heinz



Jochen, Binda and the oldfields came for a visit

90’s party in the fluc




then we went on holidays. whuhhuu

did hitchhiking in a truck

we arrived at the sziget in budapest after 24 hours

beautiful toilet of the old lady

our rumanian grandmother

our partygang

the cemetery in Sighisoara

the twin of heinz in Brasov

couchsurfers party

arriving at the black sea

playing with some cool kids

party – can you see the sand under our feet?


our dog – bockhorn!

Lisa, the crazy cat woman

In Istanbul with Bugra.

no idea when, where or who took this picture…

to be continued

scheißegal ugghh!!

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at Bindas

in Linz after our last exam this year

Joe-seph and Hefner at the Donauinselfest while they were wathing Sido

at Gospels fashion-store

singstar party at castle-joe

party at the cafe-carina

Who has got the biggest nose?

Heinz, Joe-seph, Hefner

We found some pictures from our last carneval costumes

we were working at a wedding two weeks ago with Jochen

boy george, cocain and hefs grandma

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Hef had Birthday party a while ago….Ms. vreni had to cry…

the logahausarin and her loverboy

it was a 50s vs. 90s Partey, by the way…

family portrait

beloved Joe Seph

särchsi witches dancing to run DMC



Lisa also had party…GANGSTA party

Gangstar number one

daniel day lewis

poor Joe Seph

lisa got the sex-pokal

dancing in the rain



i wanna maka a supersonic woman of you



hefs birthday



lovely dorian



lisa and helena on the way to budapest

planning the party-night

chain bridge

it’s hard to complain about tourists, if you are one of them.

Moskau Moskau Gorbatschow ahoi

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sooo…this ^ is the only pic from hef in moscow.

the rest of the time Hefner and joe spent in st. Petersburg and Lisa  was in Budapest. Budapest’s turn is at the next entry

russian flea market

it hab about 10°

the devil woman

Joseph’s tongue stucked on the ice-cream

Lisa and Prisca made a birthday present for jakob


carneval party

Frank came and visited Prisca and Lisa. it was a nice time. : )

Di fahia d’kool?

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We are sorry that we didn’t post anything the last weeks but we were had a hard time,

after we recognized how Adam Greens look has changed.

We had a Silvester Party in krumlov.

we discoverd the bohemian way of partying


Joe-sef moved into his new flat in Vienna, and used the salburg/hammerschmied girls as cleaning women

Jochen became 19:

we had a birthdaypicknick

we went to the stammtisch


women’s bärnfud


Walt Disney

we went to Prag in our last holidays, with a big party gang.

the big ben

we did couchsurfing at the flat of this handsome young dog

Magdahena, a worl-famous breakdancer



crazy french guy


ghostbusters ahoi

beautiful prague

we started a boyband and thought that this is the perfect place for a photoshooting.

somehow we forgot a bit to take pictures of something else than us. we just think, that we are sooo cool and deserve that.

jochen hiding under the bar afraid of börns.

we went to the cross club, where we played a very funny game with börns :9

see you later, aligator

A few lazy months

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Was quite silent here for a while, Lisas ordinator was ill, and hefner tried a live as an öko-tussi without the virtual world. But because of Lisschen Müller,

unable to life with here pictures in the internet, we will post a few photos again. 🙂

HAK-Ball Lisas first time in a dress after 10 years!!

and the thousandst time for hef and fran

you know what she’s looking for…

Can’t tell who looks more adoreable


Les filles et ses cheval


Lisa and Prisca partied a lot in der flat



ugah agah ugah agah uh uh uh

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a few weeks ago, Lisa and Prisca moved in a flat .

the beautiful view