Bockhorn – Atatürk, Atatürk – Bockhorn….+ Lurchi

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We worked really hard this summer to finance our holidays.
Hefner had very exhausting, but very kuhl job in the fluc 🙂 and lisa had a few jobs, one more exciting than the other…

But after she realised that Hefs work was the most comfortable place, she just stayed there as a team-motivator 🙂

Loona and Adam had a french Au-Pair this summer.

We took Juliette around the city and gave her some cultural shocks :): Schnitzel with sausage, ham, gherkins and minced meat!!

Joe moved out of his beautiful flat you can see a little bit in the back. After we lived with him one month he decided that Vienna is too crowded and went back to Hagenberg.

rainy day…

after night shift at zhé donau

Rushan, Sri lankas best barkeeper!


chéz Heinz



Jochen, Binda and the oldfields came for a visit

90’s party in the fluc




then we went on holidays. whuhhuu

did hitchhiking in a truck

we arrived at the sziget in budapest after 24 hours

beautiful toilet of the old lady

our rumanian grandmother

our partygang

the cemetery in Sighisoara

the twin of heinz in Brasov

couchsurfers party

arriving at the black sea

playing with some cool kids

party – can you see the sand under our feet?


our dog – bockhorn!

Lisa, the crazy cat woman

In Istanbul with Bugra.

no idea when, where or who took this picture…

to be continued

  1. ihr scheiß geilheiten.
    das muss ja echt ein scheißgeiler urlaub gewesen sein!
    scheiße verdammt .

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