Di fahia d’kool?

In Uncategorized on April 11, 2011 at 2:50 pm

We are sorry that we didn’t post anything the last weeks but we were had a hard time,

after we recognized how Adam Greens look has changed.

We had a Silvester Party in krumlov.

we discoverd the bohemian way of partying


Joe-sef moved into his new flat in Vienna, and used the salburg/hammerschmied girls as cleaning women

Jochen became 19:

we had a birthdaypicknick

we went to the stammtisch


women’s bärnfud


Walt Disney

we went to Prag in our last holidays, with a big party gang.

the big ben

we did couchsurfing at the flat of this handsome young dog

Magdahena, a worl-famous breakdancer



crazy french guy


ghostbusters ahoi

beautiful prague

we started a boyband and thought that this is the perfect place for a photoshooting.

somehow we forgot a bit to take pictures of something else than us. we just think, that we are sooo cool and deserve that.

jochen hiding under the bar afraid of börns.

we went to the cross club, where we played a very funny game with börns :9

see you later, aligator


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