paris, paris, croatie

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Nous sommes arrivées a paris.

la Louvre

cétait trés interessante et belle

La Seine

une trés cool groupe  qui a joué le blues.

l’église st. germain des prés

nous avons bu un café dans le café de flore

le panthéon

nous trouvions Dorian

votre petit chat : )


la village de Marie Antoinette




before we went to france, the logahausgang (that means hef, hefs cousine (Lisa) and Lisa) went to croatia for relaxing and drinking good wine from hefs father.

departure in linz.

sunset in slowenia

our part of the beach.

we also had a very cool dog with us

wonderful balcony


what we did at night

Lisa took a bath at her part of the beach, she raised up her tent at a campsite near our house..

wonderful, beautiful, amazing view

Lisa B’s Stammbeisl

on our way home we found the strangest trainstation in the world

back in vienna temperature was low again

hef made holidays again at the wolfgangsee with her parents

and party in linz


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