pas parle americano

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in the last weeks off the holidays we travelled through france!!

Departure in linz

Our first destination was Anecy. A beautiful little city in the Rhones Alpes.

But first we had to go to Zürich where you can smoke in the railwaystation!!!!

On the way to the Annecy castle.

John lennon’s müsli modus

the old town

This is our flat in Annecy and our wonderful couchsurfing hosts Dorian and Max.

They where all Circus Artists and made handstands all the time

Dorian’s sister and her friend

Our bedroom

The next they we went to the lac d’annecy


Friends and Flatmates



After 3 great days in Annecy we went to Avignon, but before we made a little stop in Grenoble

Lisa was very influenced by Max and co. so she bought juggling balls in Grenoble

In Avignon we met Felix and his dog Jasper, shared a Hotel room with them and made party with a security in the Palais de Papes the whole night

The security came home with us and we cooked

The boys went to bed

the pont d’avignon

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Jasper because he and Felix went to Marseille

on the other side of the town

The view from the Palais de Papes during the day (it’s more beautiful in the night!)

In the evening we found friends in the street artists

He gave Lisa a very helpful juggling course

Cooking on the street with Cècan

And breakfast on the street before leaving to carcassonne

On the train we met a few guys from the french foreigners army

On the way from the campsite to the carcassonne castle

Like we already said: much influence from Max and Dorian

cité Carcassonne

forgot the names but this girls were very nice

inside the cité

breakfast in Bordeaux

Our next stop was la rochelle where we went to the beach for collecting shells

In the evening our couchsurfing hosts jeremy and thomas took us and the two german couchsurfers charlotte and laura to a party at Delphine’s.

Charlotte, Laura, Jeremy ant Amine behind

afterwards we went to the piano pub.

Before going to bed we wanted to visit the beach

the boys weren’t to enthusiastic about the water

The next day we went to an Island and made a bike-tour with Laura and Charlotte


some guys asked us to ride their donkeys…for free!!!

That evening the pre-party was at our apartement and later piano again


Mr gaaangbang

our click-clack

The next morning we packed our things and went to Paris

pics coming soon…


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