From Zagreb bis noch Vilnius, a jeda hot in Geasnspräh von tus

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Hefner continued working in Vienna.

This was at the museums quartier

In the middle of July Hefner made Holidays in Vilnius with Jochen and the family

They went by bus and had a short stop at krakau, where Jochen was attacked by a drunken Polish

The first day at Vilnius it rained a lot, but they had their fun with it.

the red church of Vilnius

Ulimus holiday outfit

they went swimming in the vilnia

and to the playground with the children


This was in the Art-center of Vilnius

Lithuanien Fashion

the ruins of Vilnius

on the last day of there trip they went to trakai

Jochen showed the lithuanien how a real austrian tourist looks like

in the flex, probably

Hefner was alone at home again…

Adnan and Lisa

the Grieche at the chelsea

Hefner at the MQ again with Master joe, Prisca and the Biber

Hefners cousins Alex and Markus

Joe after his face-lifting

Christoph celebrated his 18th birthday


The birthday present hefner made for christoph


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