i, du und da piefke

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2010 at 8:35 am

we took about 900 picture’s last weekend, but most of them had to be censored so here’s the harmless rest:

Last wednesday lisa came into the mühlviertel for eating raclette at Fran’s

Lisa gave Fran an  intruduction to the world of shakirrrra

walking home from partying on thursday

on the way to vienna with saby

some musicians at the donausinselfest


On the way to chelsea for aftershow-partying

crazy guy from chicago with a dude shirt

Frank the bifki

Adnan Puchheim


we partyed trough the night

and continued the next day

flower watering


on saturday we went to the donauinselfest again… in the metro with alejandro

for joe also wanted to know somebody


after our sleep-over guests were gone we went for pizza to mafiosi’s

in the evening we went to the donauinsel again to see ADAM GREEN

if there’s anybody who deserves to be loved by us than here he is!!!

on the lendn with jochen


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