7th heaven or matchgirl opera?

In Uncategorized on June 14, 2010 at 2:09 pm

before going to the theatre Lisa gave a private conzert for Hefner

Her grandma’s shoes

saby bought a knew cute dress

we were quite nervous because it was prasentation day, so we started our world-famous “antinervositätstraining”



It was Wolfi’s 20th birthday on Friday


The next day he made a birthday party and Hefner and Christoph made Pizza for Wolfi

Birthday party. This is Resi, wolfis sister

the two birthday-child-roland-siblings

The partner look revival


dancing through the  night

wolfi and the girls

and then… when most of the girls had gone, the boys showed what they are really able to:

unfortunately most of the pics had to be censured

lisa made party with michi


During the week Lisa went for a cigarre with Anton

Lisa was at the Lendn with Prisca

Beer and halloumi under the trees

Spiderman domi


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