spanish breakfast ahoi

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last weekend,  Lisa and her Sister had concert.

their oma was with them for watching it

the Generalprobe. then Helena lost her notes…



then Lisa went partying with Helena and her friends…very funny 🙂

Helena forgot the light so the pic looks a bit strange




this week Lisa and her Heimies vistited Juli in her flat…

antoin was very concentrated on his alcohol…

beautiful prisca



on wednessday we two and jochen did vorglühing in the nonneninternat.

the other pics had been cencored ; )

then jochen, hef, lisa, jochens class mates and paul all went partying …we were really bad drunk

we met these strange guys who payed a lot of tequilla…

so we all looked like a piece of shit the next day



on weekend hef made party again…

chris-master and endro

captain Knutsch made those wonderful glasses just for hef

knutsch and his knutscherin


and again…

some guys who payed tequilla and rum again…




after sleeping for about thousand years, hef and vreni went playing tennis

very sporty



Lisa relaxed the weekend, because her party-people were at the urban arts festival.

she went tretbootfahren with her sister and the doughter of her cousine at her oncles place. they also took the dog with them …he likes drama…



the kuhlest thing on growing up in a wirtshaus exept the food: Bierdöckin

Lisa’s oncle and is enkelin

Lisa got a kastl form another oncle of hers


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