nagasaki maan

In Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 at 2:06 pm

Master Albert and woifi by bett-bauing

Hef cleaned her room…

Fran, Hefner and Jochen went to the Kranzlingfest. Zeltfest ahoi!!

Mademoiselle Joanna got a new hairstyle by stylist Barth

Look at the lovedoctor! captain knutsch as we like him best!



the next day was the “Pfingstturnier” in oldfield. Sexy boys in sexy shorts all day long!

Christoph and his sister

hefners gang played in the final round

they where on  the second place

In the evening there was a big fat aftershow party

ciara and fran

the next they hefner ate Nudlsalat with the nobanmescha



Lisa’s weekend:

Lisa and Paul Friedrich in the irish pub

Lisa also went to a zeltfest…ahoi!!

spacy glasses for alf

on tuesday lisa visited kathi

we finnished our projects


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