все самое лучшее для наших день рождения

In Uncategorized on May 18, 2010 at 8:37 am

^that means, we celebrated our birthdays this week.

when the weather was much better than now, Lisa and her Heimis went to the Botanik for chillin and slacklineing



hef and her gang went to thoma’s  garagenpartey

afterwards they went to the sup, where there were some funny spanish people



hef had a family-partey at her grandparents place

hefs mum and her sisters

hef”s grandpa



then hefs birthday came and Lisa gave her salami instead of schweinshachsn

beautiful vreni

ali grilled for hef and vreni



then lisa and anton had a double-birthday partey

Anton, Imelda and Elli

my dear rafi

jochen and hef coming back from the toilette

Lisa and her loverboys ; )

then the drunk paul came




and then hefs partey came…

hef’s gang

hef’s gang again


hef got a really kuhl lady gaga shirt

hef’ grandpa

Angie, Vreni and ciara

Lisa, Jochen and her sisters made hef  a party-outfit that fits to lady gaga

hef’s gang again..

lather gloves are so kuhl!

Ali and hef shaking

drunk lisa with deni’s haum

drunk jochen with deni’s haum

ali berti and drunk vreni with endro’s haum

Endro and Deni  without theirHaum

hef and her opa dancing to lady gaga


woifi and christoph

Endro and Lisa posing wich the Woika

Endro with the woika and jochens sisters

much too drunk lisa after falling… : (

that really hurt…


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