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It was Stefan Ecker’s birthday

 don’t they look like twins?

hefner was at the peinbauer with plakholm Irene and Fran

if  I was a rich girl..



Last weekend we went to Vienna for clebrating Hefs Dads birthday

Shopping at the Saturn can be funny!

Hefners new favourite band

we became gangsters with the help of gospel

On Friday evening we went to the Chelsea

in front of the bordell again.

dancing through the night

on the way home Jochen wanted to prove how fit she is and showed us her kopfstand

Hefner made a Burzelbaum


the next day we spent with the children

on the way to McDonalds

Antonia became a real Diva

The Dachterassen Farmer

and his family

At the evening Uli and Stefan became 40

Hef and Oma Frieda

the only woman who hasn’t kissed Hef’s Dad so far. She bought us zigarettes

pretty Jolanta and Jochen

uncle Razi knows how to make the best out of  it…

in the morning we continued partying at the dachterasse

uncle Razi definitely looked best.

Hefners Ganzkörperwindel

On the way home, Hefner’s Dad and Stefan fell down, Stefan hurted his self really bad,

while Hefner’s Dad went to bed, waiting for the Kindermädchen


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