antichrist superstar

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barbecue at stefan’s

Hefner visited lisa at gresten, we were hanging around in lisa’s room the whole weekend, painting her wall

pepper ann

saperlot ahoi

Easter Sportplatzparty

Hefner and Cheesy

magda and her new boyfriend markus

Phips celebrated his birthday..18 baby

elli and imelda

the fireman

bad boys III

and there was another birthday party!! magda is 18 now and she made a big-fat girls-party in lunz

steffi, the breaker of the hunderter marke!!

Hefner and Jochen had a great time at the toilette, like always!

this is a real fake chinese!! adam green would be impressed


all this sexy guys fell in love with jochen, unfortunately she doesn’t likes heavy metal…or scooter

Börns was searching for a new talent… and he found one!!

power napping

The next they Hefner and her Pokerface were winning against the drunken sailor, angel gabriel

After a week Berlin, Hefner came home quite tired. but you know, sleeping is impossible when you life in a party areal like the mühlviertel is one! so they went to the höller

we can’t tell who looks best..  just amazing chicas/os

Hefner and Captain Knutsch tried to shoot a nice cousins-familie pic. instead of that Captain Knutsch hurted his mouth really bad by playing Mick Jagger

they made a fat circle and played center stage…

he seemed to be a professional-breakdancer..

they sold beer for 2€ that evening.. now we  know what this woman was meaning when she sang killing me softly!

and börns knows too!


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