queens club party

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Hefner went for a coffee with her grandma

then we went to vienna with jochen

pezi celebrated her birthday in a bordell named queens club, so we went there with Hef’s dad

we were also allowed do see the seperate rooms… was really interesting

the guys with the glasses

birthday child with king-razi and the girls

pez-maschin alias aunt pezi and razi the puff-dj

the queens

Hef and her dad

we went home the next day, when the queens club opened for his regular visitors.

at home we started eating

the next they we were pretty letschad

On sunday Peter Doherty played in the Flex and we could not miss that!

Look at the lady behind Hefner!

the world loves pete doherty so we had to wait quite long

 finally he came, but just for soundcheck

the girl in front of pete is jochen, he looks a bit frightened 🙂

Hefner shook pete’s hand

we met two chicas called ruth and mitzi, they were the funniest people we ever met in the flex and they  gave a fine contrast to all the “indie bunnies”

and then the real conzert started..

He was great!! we love you pete!

the rest off the night we spent dancing

after we were thrown out from the flex we had a sleep-over in the metro-station, till hefner went crazy and ran after jörg pilawa

the next they we were letschad again, but the sky in vienna looked very dangerous so we took a train to bratislava

they got beautiful houses there

castle bratislava

the historical centre


Hefner flirting with venus

Before going home we found a nice literature-cofe

Hefner’s cousins urban and agnes played hair-cutter and shaved their sheep stoppel

stoppel is a punk now


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