…it’s too darn hot…

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on tuesday Lisa, Hef, Anton, Prisca, Conny and Schmolli went to tuesday the bluesday.

hef was very motivated : )

Anton and John Lee Sanders

the genius guitar player.  Lisa got a free CD from him : )

after the show, anton lisa and hef went to the extrablatt. we were pretty tired but talking was really kuhl.

the next day was hard…




on saturday, Lisa’S aunt had birthday partey. the meal was great.

Surbraten, Hendlharchsn, Putenschnitzl, Rindsbraten,…

Lisa’s cousin, his girlfriend and Helena

the drunken sepp had to play the steirische blind

cute hannah

Lisa went on a nightwalk because she was in partylaune, but there was no bar opened and her aunts party was over. very sad.




on wednessday,  hef met dav, captain knutsch and andes.


on thursday hef went to the sub with Magda and Lisa, her cousins

then dav, philipp and captain knutsch dropped in for a glass of beer


on friday captain sayed hello to an Indian

so did hef and Lisa


on friday hef made party at  captain knutsch’s with christoph, andes, daniel , woifi and philipp


on saturday hef made party in the empes.

somebody fell on Jochens face and her nose hurt  and bleed. poor Jochen


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