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it was very cold in oldfield…

on friday hefner went to captain knutsch. They where playing the drums for about 3 hours…


hefs erinnerungseck


on saturday hef went partying with jochen.

särchsi jochen is posing




on sunday hef and her mum vistited onkl franz. he’s a really kuhl guy.

he lives in braunau.

this is the house, hitler was born in.




Lisa got Nasenbluten on friday. the whole waschbecken was full of blood and looked very beautiful.

Lisa’s Sister Helena when they where driving home.

on friday Lisa’s  kontrabass lesson was canceled, so she was just annoying the poor cat.

when Lisa came home, there was hardly any snow…but time changes…

and snow fell…

Lisa found this beautiful basket in her granny’s room filled with balls of wool and old puppets.



weekend passed by and we met again…two hours too early at school….so we decided to do schnopsn.

Gabi’s office


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