I know what you’re thinking…

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2 weeks ago, lisa and her gang just lay around and chilled….


on wednessday it was world day and lisa, rafi and prisca were ice-skating on their sea.

it was dark, and Lisa forgot her cam, so the pics have a bad quality. *sorry


another sunny schoolday

on friday Hefner visited Lisa in her new Heimzimmer.


on weekend, Lisa went to the Pö again.

she met a girl, she had been vorglühing with, in Linz a few months ago.


on monday, Lisa became a new cousine. she’s sooo cute



during holidays, Lisa partyed with Michi and Kathi.

on fasching, they went to the down under. after this pic, Lisa was too drunk to take photos….


on saturday, Michi, Kathi and Lisa went to the FLEX to see wickedsquad.




Hefner also partyed on Fasching. She was a princess. and joki was her bitschka

christoph was a woman and vreni a Zahnfee

Marina was a nun, sabi was slash and on the floor’s the bitschka

behind Joken on the right is a beer : )

sexy vreni



on wednessday, Hefner went on ski-holidays with her family

thats steve

captain knutsch

Hefners little loverboy


then Joki had her birthday partey…





then Jochen and Hefner went to see Adam Green.



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