kiss kiss bang bang

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in Karlsbach at Jochen’s

Hefner and Jochen went to the Empire with Jochen’s sister..

Last weekend Hefner visited Lisa in the Mostviertel.

This is Lisa’s room

This red jeans are from Lisa’s mom, very sexy!!

Real Mostviertler Most!!

After partying at Lisa’s we went to the “Pö” the most popular pub in Gresten

Hefner met lots of new people, and got to know a little bit about the foreign, strange Mostviertler culture

Lisa and her mietz pezi

She looks a bit like Miss Knüppelkuh in Mathilda

Castle Stiebar

Holidays were coming and Hefner went to the sap with her friends

This was in the Emmpire, Hefner went there with Christoph, Woifi and Fran

The next morning they all went Eisstockschiasn

pre-partying at Vreni’s before going to the 80’s party

I don’t feel like dancing!!

  1. vrenis toots
    phips outfit
    dei outfit

    i mecht auf die nächste 80’s party mitgeh!!!

  2. thank you! haha no it’s from ikea X—-Dd

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