I know it’s only lust

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we went ice-skating with Mrs. Hyckel and there was this beautiful old Lady, dancing alone to Austrian Folk-music.

A forgotten star??

Lisa had breakfast with Juli

Then, Juli celebrated her last day in the Heim, she’s moving in a really kuhl flat now.

On saturday Hefner went to the Ars Electronia Center with her parents.

This is her Netzhaut.

Her new best friend.

After Ars Electronica and theatre Hefner went to the Empire (what a surprise) with Magda and Vreni

The best dancer in the world!!

Vreni in her new sexy dress

It was Waki’s birthday. Nineteen babe.

This is in Scheibbs, Lisa was in the clappo’s michi and Kathi

Mr. crocodile

She also went to St. Pölten with both of them.

dancing the whole night through

they drove home at 6 a.m… was a long night

Our schoolmates Claudschi and Sarah

Linz stucked in snow this week…the street clearers where out of their depth

  1. thanks! she’s the best mom in the whole universe. according to me :—-)

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