sometimes i’m thinking that i love you

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on wednesday Lisa had a sleep-over at hefners

we drank far too much coffee and danced auround on the wet kitchenfloor again

we went to Kaptain Knutsch’s Partey-Raum where we also met Christoph

Captain Knutsch’s mouth can’t stop making the Knutsch-Stellung

Lisa tryed the didgeridoo, she failed very bad

it was a nice little partey

this weekend, lisa went to the sportlerball with her sister and her parents.

Lisa and Helena, her sis

Lisa’s beautiful mum

she had to hang around with helena and her friends

it was quite boring

but then, she began drinking alcohol and the partey started

hefner also went partying at the weekend:

on friday hef went to chri’s (left) BD-partey


next day she made party in the Empes with her Gang

cute woifi

särchsi vreni

some guys nobody knows

Ciara rocks



on Sunday, Lisa and her Heimies went to the chillin peoples-bar in Linz:

waiting for the others in the Heim-Lobby

Paul Friedrich

there was no snow on saturday. and on sunday, everyone was too lazy to clear the street.

it was so beautiful

Lisa tried to put them all on one pic, but she just was too drunk

beautiful Juli


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