we love deerragout and minor of love!

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after cooking some chinese stuff, hefner went partying with her gang

next day:

hefner went vorglühing to kaptain knutsch’s place

they had quite much fun

afterwards, hef and jochen went to the alm

jochen tried to eat beer…

after 5 hours of dancing, it was time for the “Toilet”

there the partey went on

and on

and on

and on.

back home, jochen used an electric toothbrush for the first time. she tought it really funny.

before and after partying

while hefner made partey, lisa reveld in the past.

the weekend passed by…

on monday, lisa couldn’t decide between cheese and cold sausage…so she took both of them

a few weeks before, lisa found an old walkman at the altsoffsammelzentrum.

and here comes one of the kuhlest men alive:

helga’s husband

oh and finally we got pics from the sziget 2009:

hef’s dad, forgot, lisa and razi (no he’s not gay)

jochen and hefner

most time we spent on stage

look after hef’s dad in the background…two seconds later he nearly hugged us to death.

lisa found a hat.

after drinking far too much beer, hefner’s parents showed us how to kiss in the right way.

amazing view out of the apartement hef’s parents stayed at.



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