last christmas

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we both had quite nice christmas holidays…

this is what happened:

a few days before christmas we went “candle ziang” with our religion teacher

we all did a good job.. maybe some of us will do this professional after we finnished the final exame in religion.

we wanted to prove how big our love is, so we tattoed each other our names

Lisa’s room

Hefner went to Vienna with Jochen, you need lots of shoes down-town

Lisa also came to Vienna and we spent Silvester all together (including Vreni) in the Felx

Hefner got a new ring as a “present” from her little sister

jochen also likes him

and he likes her to!!

our toilette was broken 😦

after that Jochen wanted to have a more beautiful and save bathroom, so she picked up the owner of the “Haas-haus”

Meanwhile lisa went to enns to meet Philipp.

this is from rafi, we like it a lot!

this one too.

During the Holidays Hefner spent much time in Captain knutsch’s partyroom

This is how Captain Knutsch looked two months ago

This is el capitano now, it shows how much fun we have in the partyroom

Stefan Ecker

Hefners two cousins

beautiful lisa

Lisa’s balcony

Hefner with her favourite uncle Franz

This is Hluboka, a castle near Budweis


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