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hefner’s Friday:

on friday hefner’s aunt was celebrating her 50th birthday

hefner’s cousin and her uncle and mathematic-mentor

another lisa and andi in ying-yang position

steve wonder

Lisa’s  Friday

first Lisa, Rafi and Helene needed a lot of money…

Helene just looks like Lissy Trullie in this pic

they did vorglühing at lisa II’s place

then partying with rafi and prisca in the krebs

some cute paper-birds

Saturday we went to Vienna togheter, to join the children-nikolausfanclub.

We felt like Hagrid in Harry Potter in this kids-ocean.

Hefners little sister Hannah Montana

and pretty Antonia

Hefners parents

The Nikolaus wears chucks!! A very fashionable guy.

Lisa had fallen in love

and the winner is… Antonia with the “Fleischkeks”

We always thought that Teenagers produce a lot of dirt…but that’s nothing in opposition to adults

they have to do everything togheter.. go shopping, make party,… they even have synchronized beer-drinking

nikolaus without his mask

Britney Spears

this little girl is the best entertainer we’ve ever seen next to Adam Green

Lisa hurt herself really bad when playing barbie with the kids but you know… big girls don’t crie

that’s how a farmer from the mühlviertel should look like!

No boyband could do better

After the younger and the old one’s went to bed we continued partying downtown

There Hefners purse and mobil were stolen… schweine!!

watching old movies in the evening time…

Next they we went to the museum ant to the christkindlmarket

one of the most beuatiful views in vienna, much better than the ugly, old Stephansdom!!

we just love this building!

  1. thank you for visiting my blog. Really appreciate it.

    this photos are fun. Now after seeing this i really miss my family for the holidays.

    you have fun and have a great day!

    I am Denise Katipunera

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