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we did adventkranz-binding at school

The big one is Lisas. she likes big things…

this is the rest, the whole school was just one  Tannenbaum

There is no place for candles on it, but Lady Gaga would love it!

Lisa wanted to sell hers on the street. Nobody liked it.

Hefner before going to the Empes

Today we came to school before sunset, to train our book prasentation.

You can see it in our eyes how early it was.

We did chair-design at school, the first one is Lisas the second is hefners

tell us which one you like best.

Lisa hurt herself twice on the same finger this weekend…

and rafi again 🙂

  1. hei lisa thank you for the comment you left in my blog..

    have a nice day 🙂

  2. I like you outfits =)

    thanks for cmmenting on my blog

  3. this post is just amazing.

    I had quite much fun while reading it.

    thank you and continue writing.

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