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In Uncategorized on November 25, 2009 at 8:52 am

We both made partey at weekend, but unfortunately not together.

What Lisa did:

What Hefner did:

friday partey in oldfield in captain-knutsch’s party-room

and aprés partey in the sup

Captain-Knutsch was a bit disappointed that Lisa didn’t show up.. ?!

Partey at sweet november with the särchsi Jive-Guys

on tuesday we went to Helga’s and Lisa bought a kuhl police-cappy, like Hefner has too.

and now we want to introduce some important people:

this is Ali…Hefners Step-father…he’s very masculin

this is Ulli, Hefners real dad…he is a very serious man..

the very särchsi Jochen in her every- day-look

Juli and Prisca…two of  Lisas Heimies

Lisas mum in her new shoes…aren’t they beautiful??

Lisas Guinea pig…with his house, which he always takes with him…

  1. would u mind uploading an other pic from me?
    cause on the one my haircut looks like a mushroom..

    however, amazing blog

    hyped 😉

    thousand greets

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